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Price Details: *125,000 EUR for 1 week

Destination: Antarctica

Availability: Flexible 1 week

  • From 17th of February 2020 – to 31st of March 2020

Category: Adventure, Nature Treasures, Environmental, Scientific Exploration, Fishing 

Experience Number: N131


Experience Highlights

  • Night Sailing Under The Stars and Observing the Milky Way: there’s no place more unique to spend the night under the stars than in Antarctica.
  • Kayaking surrounded by stunning scenery
  • Visit A Science Research Station: One of the most famous is the Vernadsky Research Station. This Ukrainian base has a long and colourful history dating back to 1947.  It is here where they discovered the hole in the ozone layer. The scientists happily open their doors to visitors, and you can have a tour of the base led by one of the scientists.
  • Take The Polar Plunge: this quick dip in one of the planet’s most extreme destinations. And warming up in a sauna on board of your M/Y Hanse Explorer
  • Crossing The Drake Passage: the Drake Passage, has the reputation for having some of the most dangerous seas in the world. Despite the bad rap, the Drake Passage isn’t as dangerous as it used to be, thanks to much better ship-building techniques and satellite weather monitoring. Still, the journey is an experience, and the bragging rights of crossing the Drake Passage is well worth the adventure.
  • Learn About The History Of Whaling And Science At Deception Island: one of the most interesting things to do in Antarctica is learning about the human history that has developed in the harsh conditions. Deception Island is a giant cauldron as the caldera of an active volcano.
  • Escape the Arctic cold with a dip into one of the multiple natural hot springs, each of which is surrounded by glaciers
  • Scuba Diving In Antarctic: You must be an open water advanced diver with your dry-suit certification wand over 20 logged dry-suit dives before you can apply to join a diving expedition in Antarctica.
  • Hang Out With Penguins (There are 6 types of penguins in Antarctica!)




125,000 EUR  for 1 week + 35% deposit for expenses 

For Antarctic charters that start or finish at King George Island, a Delivery Fee of Euro 9,000 may apply. 

*We guarantee the best possible deal on this experience.





Flexible 1-week experience within the following dates:

  • From 17th of February 2020 – to 31st of March 2020

(last up-dated 11.03.2019)




Length: 47.76m (156′ 8″)

Year Built: 2006

Hull: Steel

Volume: 885 Gross Tons

Cruising speed: 10 knots

Fuel consumption: 200 Litres/Hr

Cabins configuration: 4 Double, 3 Twin

Beds configuration: 4 Queen, 6 Single

Number of guests: 12


Refit/Maintenance Details:

Annual refit periods are conducted in addition to the ongoing upkeep and preventative maintenance carried out by Hanse Explorer’s professional crew



Ice Class: Germanischer Lloyd E3 (equivalent to Finnish Ice Class A1)

Hoppe tank anti rolling system

Finnish sauna


Yacht website


The Crew


14 crew members


Captain (1): Jens Koethen, German

At the age of 17, he joined his first cargo ship, which gave him the rare opportunity to pass the Iron Curtain and discover the world. After graduating from Maritime University in Bremen, he started his career at sea as Navigation & Safety Officer for a German tanker company where he later became Chief Mate. His work on the luxury cruise ship Europa and on the expedition ship Hanseatic gave him considerable experience sailing in locations such as South Africa, Madagascar, French Polynesia, Greenland, Spitzbergen and Antarctica. His passion for expedition cruising brought him to Hanse Explorer in 2009 where he became Captain. Jens enjoys the challenge and privilege of navigating in the remote Polar Regions and guiding others into untouched areas of the world.


Captain (2): Andriy Bratash, Ukraine

Andriy started his career at sea in 2007 as a deckhand on a container ship. He then joined the HANSE EXPLORER as a deck cadet in 2007 while studying at the Maritime College in Odessa. His further development onboard HANSE EXPLORER is quite exceptional. With great dedication to the vessel and its onboard procedures, its crew and guests, he has climbed up the nautical ranks ever since. After graduating from nautical school, he re-joined our team in 2010 as a Nautical Officer. Three years later Andriy was promoted to Chief Officer and is now Captain.


Head Chef: Luis Galego Pião, Portugal

He started his professional career as a cook in 1994 in the 5-star Hotel Penha Longa in Sintra. After that, he worked in several typical Portuguese restaurants such as “O Baptista”, “Garfo” and in a steakhouse “Portugalia”. His knowledge was gained from experienced Portuguese Chefs. What gives him the great know-how of cooking was the period of 6 years when he worked in a publisher for Impala where he was a food stylist for 4 gastronomic magazines. His passion for exploring brought him to HANSE EXPLORER.


Chief Stewardess: Michelle Serruier, South African

Michelle started her hospitality career shortly after she left school. She went on to manage a 40 bedroomed hotel as General Manager. Looking for a change in career, she studied a complementary health technique and ran her own Body Stress Release Practice for 6 years in Plettenberg Bay. An enthusiastic environmentalist, she held the post of Chairperson of the local Wildlife and Environment Society for 4 years in Plett. A new opportunity raised its head in her life and she used this chance to combine her love of the sea with her experience in hospitality and set off to the Med to sign on as a luxury yacht stewardess.


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